CSUN Students Protest in Statewide Day of Action

Students Protest Budget Cuts

CSUN students rally against massive budget cuts, in a statewide Day of Action for Higher Education.


Cal State Northridge students, faculty, alumni, and their supporters rally & march for the future of public higher education in California. Governor Jerry Brown has just proposed $500 million in savage cuts to the CSU system alone, and a staggering $1.4 billion in cuts to education overall. The students turn out in force for this Day of Action, which takes place concurrently with protests all over California.

Northridge students gain support from Reverend James Lawson, Jr., a living legend of the civil rights movement, who has been spending the year as a lecturer in residency at CSUN, teaching theory and tactics for nonviolent direct action.

Over the entire event hangs the specter of the previous year’s Day of Action, which ended with numerous clubbings by police, six students arrested, and a professor hospitalized after police broke her arm. Will this year’s protest turn similarly violent, or will Reverend Lawson’s lessons on peaceful resistance prevail?


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Paul Laverack

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